FDA Certification Service

At UDBHID SOLUTIONS, we understand the value of your time and opportunity costs. With our wide and effective Government Liaison/PR network we can help you save your precious time and efforts in obtaining various Licenses, Certifications, Authorisations, Consent, NOC etc.

  • Provide you Doorstep Consulting services to obtain various Licences, Certifications, Authorisations, NOC, Consent, Approval etc. as may be required for the smooth operation or expansion of your business.
  • Provide you specialist support to prepare various supporting documents towards applying for various Licences, authorisations etc.
  • Help you obtain special Accreditation/Certification in various Fields e.g.
    • Quality
    • Safety
    • Environment
    • Energy
    • Food Safety
    • Lab
    • Product Certifications and Process Improvement.